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About Acti-Kare of Lake Murray

About Acti-Kare in Lake Murray

Alan Yong
Franchise Owner and Area Director

Acti-Kare Home Care is a trusted leader in providing in-home care and support services at home for children and adults of all ages.  For over 10 years, Acti-Kare has served communities in over 110 locations in the country.

One of our visions is to provide assistance to Seniors so they can continue living in the comfort of their own homes. We believe Seniors who are staying at home and maintaining an active life style will have a happier and healthier life if proper care is provided to them.

Alan Yong is an endorsed advisor by David Ramsey. He is a firm believer of being a good steward.  Additionally, he ensures care provided is ethical and of value.  Alan is on the board of directors of Health Education Consultant LLC.  A few years ago, a member of Alan’s family had a couple of surgeries within a year.  Alan understood firsthand how difficult it was, for his family, to care for the sick while life still happens at a normal pace.  In addition, Alan endured spinal surgery years ago and knows the value of a dependable care giver to help lighten the family’s burden.

Irene has been married to Alan for 8 years.  She is a local high school math teacher.  Over the years, Irene seen so many Seniors in different nursing facility where she volunteered as a companion.  On many occasions, the Seniors were relatively healthy when they were first admitted but the longer they stayed in the facility, the more dependent they become.  The quality of life declined since they were no longer active and in charge of their own activity.  It is Actikare of Lake Murray’s mission to provide assistance to our Seniors so they can be in charge of their activities and therefore maintaining their quality of life.

ActiKare of Lake Murray is an advocate for Alzheimer’s awareness, stroke awareness, and diabetic awareness among many others. It is our goal to provide care for Seniors through daily living, those who are in recovery as well as providing companion care services.

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